> Specialized reliable brand "Small Rider";
> Aluminum frame: the balance bike is very light;
> Square section of the frame: looks spectacular and unusual;
> Flat trigger handbrake: good speed control, easy to apply;
> Foot brake: additional speed control;
> 2 splash guards: protect against splashes;
> Bright cute characters: will delight you and your baby;
> Steering wheel on bearings: very smooth and easy to turn;
> Steering wheel and seat are height-adjustable without a key: adjustment to the height of the child right on the walk;
> Large and soft seat: will sit comfortably all the way;
> Large selection of colors: you can pick up both a boy and a girl;
> EVA wheels 12' size: light, colored, do not puncture and do not need to pump up;
> Wide rubber handles: easy to grasp with a child's hand;
> Bright color box: nice to give for birthday and holidays;
> 12 months warranty: quick free repair and service at "Small Rider" service center.
Cartoons Deluxe
Tbar bearings
Arm brake
Foot brake
Big soft seat
The Cartoons Deluxe balance bike is available in 2 models with different types of wheels: AIR and EVA, each of which has its own advantages.
Two types of wheels
EVA wheels
AIR wheels
Bright colors, Dino series (EVA)
Video presentation:
Bright Colors, Heroes Series (AIR)
Vibrant Colours, Heroes Series (EVA)
The balance bike must be assembled by an adult. Read the instructions before assembly. It is necessary to ride only in a helmet and protection, during daylight hours and away from dangers. Each time before riding, an adult must inspect and check the performance of the balance bike. It is allowed to ride only in shoes, at the same time one child weighing no more than 30 kg on the surface without bumps and pits.